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...J.G.'s older brother Randy Gill is a member of the Gasoline Alley Records R&B trio II D Extreme...

...J.G. played guitar in the video verison of Eddie Murphy's single "Put Your Mouth On Me".

...J.G. always wanted to be a member of New Edition.

...J.G. sang lead vocals on the song "One Love" recorded by the late George Howard

...J.G. sang background on tracks from Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" release.

...J.G. plays guitar, bass and drums.

...J.G. guest appeared on a episode of "Family Matters".

...Stevie Wonder sang background on J.G.'s "Simply Say I Love You", from his 1996 release "Let's Get the Mood Right".

...Kenny G., is the guest saxophonist on J.G.'s hit single "My, My, My".

...J.G. recorded a live version of "My, My, My".