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Fan Club Photos

Photos of Johnny Gill celebrations held in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

MSN Club Managers

The Banner

2004 T shirt design

Private Banquet Room at the Hotel

Venita making a presentation

The Spread

The Spread

T-Shirt Design 2005

Videos of JG running all day

Venita and Sue with the cake

First night of Meet and Greet 2004

Candid shots at Dinner

Marie with JG initials ice craving 2007

Go Robin!!

Lisa and Stacy pose at JG White Party 2007

Lisa begins tribute to Johnny

Gifts for the participants and Johnny.

Decorations galore

Members of GPHIG (Levert's Sorority) celebrating the release of LSG2

The kiosk at the hotel in 2004

Shirley poses before the group dines

Vicki and Robin

Skillz Fan Club Presentation to Johnny

Selene making a toast